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The Problems of Sustainable Development and Strategic Planning in the Studies of the Vologda Research Center of RAS

The subject of scientific studies of the Vologda Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in December 2020, was formed during a rather difficult period of the country’s development. This issue is covered in the article written by the Center’s deputy director, head of department, doctor of sciences (Economics), professor Tamara V. Uskova. The article was prepared in accordance with the state assignment for the Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research project no. 0168-2019-0005 “Research of factors and methods of sustainable socio-economic development of territorial systems in changing global geopolitical and geo-economic conditions”.

In the early 1990s, the Russian Federation embarked on a path of market transformation.

The adopted liberal concept of the country’s transition to the market proclaimed the incompatibility of the plan and the market. Planned management methods were rejected everywhere. The management paradigm adopted was based exclusively on market mechanisms for regulating socio-economic processes at all levels of government. This resulted not only in the increase of negative trends in the economy and social sphere, but in Russia’s descent into the abyss. The situation required finding ways out of the crisis and the country’s transition to a model of sustainable development. Scientific and methodological support for solving this problem at the regional level has become the core in determining the subject of the scientific studies of the Vologda Research Center of RAS. The author presented a review of the research carried out by the Vologda Research Center of RAS on those issues.

The current understanding of sustainable development is much broader than its original interpretation. The Russian Federation and the world community as a whole are at the very first stage of transition to sustainable development. The enduring importance and role of the concept of sustainable development for world development remain.

However, due to the emerging new challenges and the increasing influence of factors that have become a consequence, first of all, of scientific and technological progress, researchers face the task of further developing the methodology of sustainable development, finding ways to achieve it at the regional, national and global levels. In this regard, given the complexity of the problem of sustainable development, its relevance for the Russian Federation and the regions, it is necessary to set the task of deepening scientific research, significantly expanding the range of issues that require the organization of scientific research. It is important to further develop the theoretical and methodological foundations of sustainable development; to study not only economic, but

also social, environmental, managerial, and organizational factors of sustainability in more details, taking into account the Russian specifics, and improving the efficiency of their use.

The issues of state management of sustainable development, improving its effectiveness should also be studied, since the sustainable development goals are reflected in the program and planning documents adopted at the federal level. We believe that Vologda researchers will contribute to solving these problems.

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