Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The portal “Scientific Russia” has published an interview with Leading Researcher of Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences S.A. Kozhevnikov


Vologda scientists study the problems of ensuring balanced spatial development of the northern regions of Russia in context of solving strategic tasks of the country development.

“Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of territory, and so the question arises: is the space our curse or resource?Thinking about Russia this way, many foreign colleagues tend to the former approach, believing that the enormous territory decelerates the development of our country. In our own research, we try to prove that space is undoubtedly a resource: the source of our country's economic growth lies in the diversity of conditions and potential of various territories.”

“This is especially true of the North and the Arctic. And we cannot but recall M. V. Lomonosov's prophetic words: “Russian power will grow by Siberia and the Northern Ocean.” And if in the early 1990s, Russia actually started to “withdraw” from the Arctic and the North, the country’s highest authorities firmly believe in the geostrategic nature of these territories. All our research is carried out within this ideological approach.”

The scientists of the Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences are implementing comprehensive research on the spatial and territorial development of the Russian European North. The experts propose effective tools for developing not only large cities and emerging urban agglomerations in the North, but also medium/small cities and rural areas – the most important element of the regional space.

They focus on such issues as ensuring the ecological and economic balance of the northern territories, as well as developing their transportation and logistics system. According to the researchers from Vologda, restoring interregional ties along the North – South line and revising federal and regional policy accents will ensure sustainable development of the northern territories’ socio-economic systems.

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