Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Scientific Research

Charity Work of Local Community (case study of the Vologda Oblast)

13.05.2021 Scientific Research

Results of the sociological study of charity work in local community are presented in the article written by a team of authors: Candidate of Sciences (History) Yuliya V. Ukhanova, senior researcher at the Department for the studies of lifestyles and living standards (head of the department is deputy director, Candidate of Sciences (Economics) Ol’ga N. Kalachikova), Daniel Leon, researcher from the University of Leipzig, and Renate Sigrid Schelwald, researcher from the University of Bielefeld. The research was conducted with partial financial assistance of the RFBR within the academic project no. 19-011-00724.

Assessing the Socio-Economic Potential of Rural Territories

12.05.2021 Scientific Research

Senior Researcher at the Department for the Studies of Socio-Economic Development Problems and Management in Territorial Systems (Deputy Head – Dr. Sci. (Econ.) T.V. Uskova of VolRC RAS, Can. Sci. (Econ.) N.V. Voroshilov proposed a methodological approach to assessing the socio-economic potential of rural territories and, based on its approbation, determined priority areas for ensuring their integrated and sustainable development. The research was funded by the grant of the President of the Russian Federation no. MK-2019.2020.6 “Managing integrated socio-economic development of the northern rural territories within the implementation of the state policy on regional development”.

Demographic Studies in VolRC RAS: Formation of the Scientific School

11.05.2021 Scientific Research

The main stages of the formation of the demographic studies school in the Vologda Research Center of RAS are presented in the article written by VolRC RAS director, Doctor of Sciences (Economics) Alexandra A. Shabunova and deputy director, heal of department, Candidate of Ol’ga N. Kalachikova. The authors described the development of the system of thematic areas conducted by employees of the Vologda Research Center of RAS for the past 30 years.

Strategic Priorities of Small and Medium Towns’ Development

30.04.2021 Scientific Research

The article of Deputy Director for Science of the Vologda Research Center of RAS, Head of Department, Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Professor Tamara V. Uskova and Junior Researcher Irina A. Sekushina is devoted to the search and scientific substantiation of new priorities of strategic management for the development of small and medium towns. The article is prepared in accordance with the state assignment for the FSBIS VolRC RAS on the topic of research no. 0168-2019-0004 “Improving the mechanisms for the development and effective use of the potential of socio-economic systems”.

Development of Social Innovations in Russia in Terms of Activities and Interaction of Government Bodies, Business Structures, and Civil Society

11.01.2021 Scientific Research

Growing global challenges of our time lead to a necessity to find new, more efficient tools to overcome them. The analysis of development of social innovations through activities and interaction of various actors using Russia as a model is presented in the article written by the researcher from the Freie Universität Berlin Julia N. Mierau, and researchers from Vologda Research Center of RAS Tatiana S. Soloveva and Candidate of Sciences (Economics) Andrei V. Popov.

Public Administration Efficiency in Studies of the Vologda Research Center of RAS: history and prospects

16.11.2020 Scientific Research

Public administration efficiency is one of the key research areas of the Vologda Research Center of RAS which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The idea initiator and research supervisor of the studies Research Supervisor of the Center, RAS Corresponding Member, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor, Vladimir A. Ilyin.